You know where you want to go and what you want to do, now there’s that not-so-small(ish) issue of where to rest your head. At Universal Traveller, we specialise in finding cheap accommodation located right where you want to be. We can assist you to book your accommodation online and get the most bang for your buck in Australia and hundreds of other destinations across the world.

Accommodation Packages

Whether you’re heading off on an island adventure in the Whitsundays, a jungle exploration in Thailand or a dalliance with the hippest clubbing destinations in Europe, Universal Traveller offers a range of accommodation packages that will help stretch your dollar further. For example, we can help find you the cheapest of cheap transit stays at backpackers across Europe, three-night, 3-star “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” packages and two-week luxury stays in one of Bali’s amazing villas. Best of all, we can tailor accommodation packages to suit your specific travel plans including budget, length of stay, level of luxury and, of course, proximity to where you want to be.

Hotels, Apartments and Villas

Let Universal Traveller find you everything from the ultimate backpackers in Mexico to a cultural home stay in Nepal, a 3-star hotel right among the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, or a luxurious treat in a villa in Greece. Trust Universal Traveller to match the right accommodation options with your travel plans and ask us how to get the best deal on accommodation costs in the city and country of your choosing.