Domestic Accommodation

From Kings Canyon in the Top End to Western Australia’s Broome, you can find cheap domestic accommodation with all of the bells and whistles thanks to Universal Traveller. We offer accommodation options all over Australia to suit all budgets, tastes and styles. Adventures range from 3 nights in the heart of Sydney with Opera House views from your hotel window to 3 nights on Queensland’s picturesque Fitzroy island – sipping cocktails by the sea. Whatever your holiday plans, you can trust Universal Traveller to find you a holiday package to match your tastes and your budget. Ask us about how you can get great deals on Australian accommodation in Kakadu or Canberra.

Domestic Accommodation Packages

You don’t have to travel too far to experience exciting travel adventures, and thanks to Universal Traveller, you can take your pick of a range of domestic accommodation packages to suit your travel style and budget. If you’re looking to trek to the Top End, you can choose from Northern Territory stays that include accommodation, touring options and transport all rolled into one, like our 2-night Kings Canyon package to our 4-star Kakadu package. Meandering to Melbourne anytime soon? Our domestic accommodation packages include 4 nights in Melbourne, taking in all of the sights of this fresh and funky cityscape, with options for 3-star rooms, or something more ritzy if that’s where the mood takes you. A quest to Queensland can see you lazing on the beaches of Fitzroy Island in rockstar comfort. Whatever your travel, mission, journey or pursuit, start in your own backyard with some great domestic accommodation packages available from Universal Traveller.

Domestic Hotels, Apartments and Villas

A 4-night mission to Melbourne with a Universal Traveller domestic accommodation package will see you enjoying hotel comforts that include wireless internet, a flatscreen TV with 22 channels and more. A 5-night, 5-star journey to Broome will make you feel like a celebrity thanks to resorts that offer a welcome drink on arrival, an in-room spa and all of the elegance of luxury accommodation. Universal Traveller domestic accommodation packages offer a range of hotels, apartments and villas to suit your travel tastes.