International Accommodation

If you’re off on the trip of a lifetime and you’re searching for cheap international hotels, Universal Traveller can tell you everything you need to know and why. At Universal Traveller we specialise in finding cheap international accommodation and can assist you to book your overseas stay online and get the most bang for your buck with it comes to jetting off in any direction of your choosing. Whether you’ll be exploring Africa or lazing on a beach in Mexico, Universal Traveller can not only get you there, but help you work out where to stay if you want the best possible accommodation deals.

Accommodation Packages

From basking in the sun in Bali to trekking through the jungle in Thailand or finding your Zen in Fiji, Universal Traveller offers a range of accommodation packages that will make your dollar stretch further. If you’re planning on going ape across the Americas then Universal Traveller can help you to choose the best accommodation package to ensure you find the right place to lay your head after a busy night of partying. From 3-night, 3-star “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” packages, which let you take in all of the sights but still sleep the daylight hours away in style, trust Universal Traveller to come up trumps with the most affordable accommodation packages. Or maybe you need to “do Europe” before you’re another year older? If you fancy 3 nights in Athens or Istanbul in 3-star accommodation, then Universal Traveller has a raft of accommodation packages to serve up to you right next to the tastiest 3am kebab you’ve ever laid your hands on. Ask us about how we can tailor our accommodation packages to suit your specific travel plans.

Hotels, Apartments and Villas

From backpacker bliss at a villa in Bali to a Surfers Paradise palatial palace, Universal Traveller has the hook-ups to find the best accommodation options to suit your budget and your travel plans. Tell us if you’re more downing beers in a backpacker dormitory at 5am or living it up in a Las Vegas hotel with all of the bells and whistles, and we will tell you what the best accommodation deals are to suit your needs and just how we can help you get your hands on them. Trust Universal Traveller to match the right accommodation options with your travel plans and ask us how to get the best deal on accommodation costs in the city and country of your choosing on your next international trip.