Published Advertising

Each month, Universal Traveller publishes numerous flight, hotel and tour packages. While every effort is made to ensure these prices are correct at the time of advertising, prices are subject to change without notice.

Advertising errors

Incorrect Price Advertised – 7 February 2019

The "Honolulu Flights + 5 Nights" package advertised on social media in February has been advertised incorrectly. The advertised price was from $719. The correct price is from $1,075. Deal 5404339. Retraction added 12 Feb 19, 11:15am.

Incorrect Price Advertised – 3 October 2018

The Jetstar Return for Free Sale, valid from select Australian Ex Points (ADL, MEL, SYD, OOL, BNE, CNS) to Tokyo and Osaka, advertised on 3 October 2018 on the Universal Traveller Australia website, social media and email channels was advertised incorrectly. We apologise for the inconvenience. Retraction added 3 October 2018, 11:00am. All prices have now been updated correctly on the Universal Traveller Australia website. This affects the following deal numbers; 5330964, 5330921, 5330922, 5330923, 5330924, 5330963, 5330916, 5330917, 5330918, 5330919, 5330920.

Airfare Expired - May 2018

The Los Angeles & San Francisco China Southern airfare, advertised in the Friday Hot Deals Email & Universal Traveller social media, is no longer available due to availability. Sorry for any inconvenience. Student Flights Deal Number: 2135087, Everyone Deal Number:  1283443. Retraction added 18 May 18, 5:15pm. This affects all departure points.

Airfare Expired - April 2018

The Philippines Airlines airfare to Los Angeles from all departure points, advertised in Universal Traveller in-store airfare windowboards from the 28th of March 18 is no longer available and has expired. Sorry for any inconvenience. Retraction added 5 April 18, 1:50pm. This affects all departure points. Student Flights Deal 2135087, Everyone Deal 1283443. 

Incorrect Price Advertised - February 2018

The advertised New York Flight featured in the email sent to customers on 21 Feb 18 has been advertised incorrectly. The correct price per ex point are as per below. Deal number: 2135088
Brisbane - The correct price is $949*.
Sydney- The correct price is $949*.
Melbourne - The correct price is $949*.
Perth- The correct price is $929*.
Adelaide - The correct price is $1343*.
Cairns - The correct price is $1328*. 
Darwin - The correct price is $1450*.
Sorry for any inconvenience. Retraction added 21 Feb 18, 6.20pm.