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How to be a Mindful Traveller

Published November 6th, 2018

Mindful travel is the only way forward. The world is an incredible place full of amazing adventures, unforgettable encounters and memories to last a lifetime. With a little thought and planning, we can all put our best foot forward and aim to leave a minimal footprint on the places we visit. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how you can be a mindful traveller, wherever you go.

1. CONSERVE water –

Much of the world suffers from a shortage of clean water. Do your bit to help by reusing hotel towels, taking short showers and turning off the tap. Also remember to take your own water bottle and refill as you go. And if the water isn’t safe to drink? Try buying fewer big water bottles instead of lots of smaller bottles, or take a product like the SteriPEN to sterilise the local water.

2. REDUCE your waste –

Every little bit counts. Refuse unnecessary packaging like plastic bags and straws, dine in instead of eating on the go (the atmosphere is better too), and always put your rubbish in the bin. While it’s not uncommon to see trash in the streets in many developing countries – or even out in nature – don’t fall into the trap of doing the same. Lead the way to a better future by recycling as much as you possibly can and picking up rubbish as you go.


One of most enjoyable and immersive ways to be a mindful traveller is to go local. Eat and drink at locally owned and operated restaurants and bars, shop in local markets and shops, and travel with the expertise of local guides when booking tours and activities. That way your tourist dollars will go into the pockets of real locals.

4. CARE ABOUT the wildlife –

It’s best to take a ‘look but don’t touch’ approach when it comes to the local wildlife. Avoid any attractions that involve animal performances and riding or closely engaging with wild animals – however rare or ‘adorable’ they may seem. As a rule, any activity that an animal would not do in the wild is the result of exploitation and should be avoided.

5. RESPECT the local people and culture –

Always respect the local ways. That means obeying local laws and dressing and behaving in a manner appropriate to the communities you visit. Take the time to learn about the local customs and beliefs, be polite and keep an open mind. Ensure that all interactions with locals, including children, are respectful.

Feeling inspired to save the planet while you’re out and about exploring? We’ll be sharing plenty more tips to help you be a pro mindful traveller, plus you can check out what we're doing as a business to be more mindful. Got some tips of your own? Share them with us via Instagram by tagging @studentflightsau and #neverstoptravelling on your images.