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Published November 11th, 2019

Attention Class of 2020! Unleashed wants you to forget what you know about Schoolies… and get ready for Grad Trip!

Here’s a sneak peak of where you could be celebrating your very own end of an era! It’s your right of passage and a trip you’re going to want to make memorable. Tropical luxe in Fiji, island vibes in Vanuatu, shred it in Japan, volunteer in Cambodia or take on a Europe adventure… the choice is yours! Just get in touch with us and we'll help you find your perfect next trip location!

Tropical Luxe: Fiji
Spend your days: Pool Parties, island hopping, day spas, snorkelling, surfing, beach hangs & learning about local Fijian culture by participating in a cultural day
Spend your nights: DJs, fireworks, themed parties

Head to Fiji with Unleashed and choose from your Grad Trip at one of three amazing Fiji resorts: Nuku Grand at Shangri-La Island with wild pool parties and dress-up themed nights. Loloma on Mana Island for secret paradise vibes and an infinity pool to look out into your future from! Or, Totoka at Plantation Island with easy access to the Cloud 9 floating pizza bar and restaurant in the middle of the ocean.



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Island vibes: Vanuatu
Spend your days: Snorkelling, zipline & quad bike adventures, chasing waterfalls, getting spa treatments, & participating in a cultural day
Spend your nights: Dancing the night away to DJs pumping out tune after tune

This exclusive trip is limited to 100 school leavers only. Here, you and 99 of your new friends will have Vanuatu’s Hideaway Island all to yourself. Plus, the island is a short 5-minute boat ride from the mainland where you can explore Port Vila and all the natural beauty around the islands.

Shred it: Japan Ski
Spend your days: skiing/snowboarding, meeting snow monkeys, visiting temples, shopping, catching a sumo wrestling tournament
Spend your nights: cold drinks and hot onsens, digging into Japanese food, singing your heart out at karaoke and watching a Robot Cabaret in Tokyo

For something totally different, spend 9 nights in Japan where you’ll get to shred up the slopes in Hakuba, the home of ‘Japow’ with some of the highest snowfall in Japan. Plus, you’ll get to visit the infamous Snow Monkeys, visit temples and soak up the quirky vibes of Tokyo.

No matter what your ski or snowboard level is, there’s a terrain for you with your multi-mountain lift pass covering 9 mountains. At the end of the day you can look forward to soaking your muscles in a super hot traditional Japanese onsen.

After your all snowed out, round off the trip with 2 nights in Tokyo where you can eat, drink, shop and karaoke ‘till you can’t no more.



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Culture: Cambodia Volunteer
Spend your days: Helping build homes and improve local services, exploring ancient temples and shopping in local markets
Spend your nights: Tasting delicious Cambodian food and experiencing unique culture

Do you always wear a smile on your face? You’ll fit right in, in Cambodia—home to the world’s happiest people! If culture is what you crave and a unique experience that allows you to give something back to this incredible country… then Cambodia is for you!

As an Unleashed Grad, you’ll work hand-in-hand with local villagers to build a house from scratch for a deserving family. Then, you’ll work on an outreach project to help provide clean water, emergency medical care, sanitation facilities and free education to remote communities.

But it’s not all! You’ll also have a chance to temple hop, take day-trips, explore markets and waterfalls, and taste all kinds of amazing food!

Winter Wonderland: Europe
Spend your days: Exploring Europe’s most iconic sites and sights!
Spend your nights: Indulging in amazing local foods and even more amazing nightlife

Always dreamed of Europe in the winter? Forget your swimsuit—pack your coat, beanie and gloves and get ready to experience the magic of Europe. Spend 21 nights exploring across 10 countries including France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and England. Eating, shopping, instagram-posing and celebrating every step of the way. See the real Europe without the summertime crowds, and you might even be lucky to see iconic spots like the Eiffel Tower and the Swiss Mountains covered in snow!



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