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Yes, it does sound exhausting – which way do I go? Where are the best places to stop over? Where is Uzbekistan again? Fear not, our travel consultants happen to be experts in the art of crafting the perfect round-the-world flight. Tailored just for you, we’ll connect the dots and help make your travel dreams come true. From island getaways in the South Pacific to the culture capitals of Europe, and from bustling Asian cities to New York skylines, when you book your round-the-world ticket with Universal Traveller, the only limit is how many flights you can handle.

Thanks to our sweet flight hook-ups, getting around the world on one ticket is relatively simple and painless – the hardest part will be deciding if you want to stop over in Helsinki or Basel, Reykjavik or Casablanca. With a round-the-world ticket, the world really does become your oyster. Depending on your budget, you could spend a whirlwind few weeks or up to one year making your journey around the globe. Plus, if you are a student or under 30 years of age, you will be privy to our exclusive Student Flights, allowing you to fly around the world at an unbelievable (and unbeatable) price.

Go your own way and build your own trip, or check out our suggested itineraries designed with specific interests in mind. From cities that never sleep to our favourite places to shop until you reach your baggage limit, or embarking on a quest for the meaning of life through Nepal, we have a round-the-world flight solution for every pursuit. 

To find out more about our round-the-world flights, pick up the phone or chat with us today. 

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