Buy Japan Rail Passes

Travelling by rail in Japan is simply unbeatable. It’s super fast, super convenient and super comfortable. And Japan Rail just happens to have one of the most extensive rail networks on Earth! With over 20,000 kilometres of tracks, you can reach pretty much every corner of Japan in a safe and comfortable way.

Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Pass is generally only for overseas tourists, but can be used by Japanese locals under some conditions. This pass is doubly awesome, because not only do you get unlimited train travel on the bullet train, you can also use Japan rail lines and selected buses and ferries too.

Specifically with a Japan Rail pass you’ll get:

  1. Unlimited rail travel in Japan
  2. Just pay for your ticket to ride. There are no other costs – like fuel, car insurance, road tolls etc.
  3. A range of pass options – 7-day, 14-day or 21-day passes
  4. Two class options: economy class or green class (first class)

Japan Rail holidays and destinations

The Japan Rail network extends all over this country from the super-awesome snowboarding haven of Hokkaido to the bright lights of Tokyo and right down to the beautiful and historic city of Hiroshima and beyond. View the countryside from a different perspective.