Did you know it was actually Shakespeare who first penned the phrase: 'the world is your oyster'? Well it was more like, 'Why then the world's mine oyster' but the point is - there's a big wide world out there with plenty of opportunities, awesome places and like-minded people waiting for you to experience it all. Where do you start? Why not with a tour tailored to suit your timeframe, budget and interests? Universal Traveller is ready to help.

We have international tours that will take you to enjoy the best of bohemian Paris (care to share a plate of French cheese and charcuterie, anyone?) to the highlights of Cairo (yes, the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza Plateau and more) and the best safari tours in Africa, awesome backpacking adventures in Southeast Asia, the culture and history of Americas and more. Then there's domestic tours a-plenty, from the best of our urban centres to a city escape, adventure tour to explore Australia’s far-flung places - coasts and beaches, the outback, national parks and more!

Universal Traveller also has tours tailored to your style, including adventure tours, beach tours, events and festivals, luxury tours, ski and snow tours, volunteering and working overseas, plus heaps more! Best of all, we work with a plethora of trusted tour operators across Australia and the world to ensure you're shown the best places by local guides and those in the know, have your schedule planned for you, and enjoy a stress-free front row seat to awesome adventures with like-minded people. Check out some of our awesome tours below or contact Universal Traveller today for more information and recommendations.